The Morongo Basin Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Serving the Morongo Basin, associated communities and the world since 1971.

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The Morongo Basin Amateur Radio Club, as a non-profit organization, advances all aspects of the art and science of wireless communications to serve the public interest in the Morongo Basin, associated communities and the United States.

Our Purpose

To promote community-wide understanding of the amateur radio communications service available to the public during times of emergency or natural disaster.

To organize and train units capable of maintaining communications during emergencies as a public service.

To promote interest and proficiency in amateur radio communications with respect to improving operating and technical skills.

To conduct activities and programs to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in our community.

To promote radio science as a creative, exploratory endeavor of scientific research and development within the ham radio context. Areas of interest include but are not limited to such aspects as propogation, digital communications, satellite communication, the blending of Internet and radio, electronic theory, microwave communications and exotic phenomenon such as Long Delayed Echos.

To have fun with Amateur Radio!

What's Happening


Field Day 2022

The MARC 2022 Field Day was a success! Thanka to N6GKB for coordinating the event, WB6CDF for donating food and cooking the delicious meals, N6GIW for administrating license exams, KK6NWG for managing the food and beverages and to the setup and takedown crew for all your hard work (KM6WXZ, N6XIV, KM6UUM and KK6QMS).

MARC Field Day at the Yucca Mesa Community center wrapped up Sunday morning. An entry for W6BA was submitted to the ARRL the following Wednesday and confirmation received. In all there were six HF stations set up making contacts, including 8 digital mode contacts and 447 SSB contacts for a total of 455. The vast majority of contacts took place on 40 and 20 meters, with just a few on 80 and 15 meters. Eight operators participated, with individual operator contact counts ranging from 1 to 161. The most distant contact was NH6JC in Hawaii

Here is the news regarding the test session during Field Day on June 25th:
13 people tested - 7 people passed.
Rob WO4ROB upgraded to Extra Class
New ham Carey Campbell of 29 Palms passed both the Tech and General exams
8 Marine Corps members tested, 5 passed to get their new Tech license
3 local hams failed to upgrade to General (their identities will remain anonymous
Totals: 6 new hams and 1 upgrade.
Thanks to Greater LA Amateur Radio Group!

VE's Larry AD6G, Wil KD6ZED and Manuel AE6SG assited with the session.


The Morongo Basin Amateur Radio Club'S photo gallery page has been updated with pictures from Field Day, club meetings, happenings and events. More pictures about MARC and/or club members participating in amateur radio related activities are welcome! Please contact the webmaster at if you have pictures to share.


If you would like to join the club or renew your membership, dues are $15 for one person, $20 for a family (2 or more) and a one time payment of $10 for Active Duty military personnel. Your membership expires one year from the date you join or renew. Active duty military membership does not expire until you leave the area or are discharged from the service. The Membership/Membership renewal form can be found here.


An informal net is held seven days a week at 1000 on the Morongo Basin Amateur Radio Club Linked Repeater System discussing anything that may be of interest. You do not need to be a member of MARC in order to participate - all licensed amateur radio operators are welcome!


Regular meetings of the Morongo Basin Amateur Radio Club occur on the third Thursday of every month at 1800 Pacific at the Church of the Nazerene located at 56248 Buena Vista Drive in Yucca Valley. The meetings are open to anyone interested in amateur radio.

Regular meetings of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) occur on the first Thursday of every month at 1800 Pacific at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church located at 59077 Yucca Trail in Yucca Valley. All amateur radio operators interested in Emergency Communications are invited to attend.

Yucca Valley *
W6BA repeater on 146.790 MHz (- shift, 136.5).

29 Palms *
W6BA repeater on 147.060 MHz (+ shift, 136.5).

Landers *
WB6CDF repeater on 447.580 MHz (- shift, 173.8).

* Linked Repeaters

These are open repeaters. You do not have to be a club member to use them.

General Information

Membership is not required (though certainly encouraged) to participate in club meetings and events - all licensed hams and those interested in ham radio are invited to attend. Membership is $10 for Active Duty Military, $15 Individual and $20 Family annually. Membership and renewal form can be found here. Donations are also gratefully accepted, are tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law and are used to further the club's amateur radio activities.

Members organize amateur radio events such as Field Day in June and Boy Scout Jamborees. Our local communities use our services frequently for communications during events such as Grubstake Days, Pioneer Days, races, and the Veteran’s Day parade. The need for operators for these events will be publicized on the club net.

A club net is held each Tuesday at 1900 Pacific on the linked repeater system. Though always encouraged, you do not have to be a club member to participate.

If you are interested in official emergency communications and training, the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) group conducts a net at 1915 Pacific each Monday on the linked repeater system.