The center belongs to the 2 meter system. The antenna on the right belongs to the 70 cm system.

Doorway view.

From top - Davis Vantage Pro weather station. West Mountain 4005i remote control power unit sitting on top of the Scom 7K repeater controller (146.790 repeater). We can connect to the 4005i via the Internet and turn equipment on or off. We now have two of these units. We can also turn the air conditioner on or off. The 7K controller is accessed via the telephone line by N6GIW to control all features of the 146.790 repeater.

447.000 WB6CDF repeater (Motorola R100). Owned by Chris WB6CDF. Not part of the repeater link system. Above that is the Powerwerx digital display switching power supply. The output voltage is adjusted to 14.5 volts to keep the AGM backup batteries charged.

Our 3 AGM type backup batteries. These are kept topped of by the charging circuit in the West Mountain Rigrunner power unit.

146.790 repeater duplexers. (Duplexers allow simultaneous receive and transmit on one antenna. The repeater receives on 146.190 and transmits on 146.790 at the same time.)

447.000 repeater and duplexers.

Rigrunner power distribution unit and Rigrunner charging unit. The charging unit receives power from the power supply. It has a connection to the distribution panel for the station equipment and also a connection to the backup batteries. If it senses a loss of power from the power supply, it automatically switches to the backup batteries. When the power returns, it automatically kicks into higher amperage mode to get the batteries recharged.

Site antenna tower.

Club repeater building (owned by San Bernardino County Fire), with county antenna tower in background.

Antennas, antennas and more antennas!

The radio shack.