The logging software.

Rob (WO4ROB) and Judy (KK6NWG) making contacts on 40 meters.

Andy (AI6AF) works on an antenna.

The antenna farm.

Antenna base.

Field Day operators at work.

Making contacts on 20 meters.

Jeffrey (KJ6BOI) and Nicki (KO6C) at work.

Sheri (KJ6BER) and Nicki (KO6C) at work.

Jeffrey (KJ6BOI) and Paul (AA6SM) explore contacts on 15 meters.

Raising an antenna.

Solar panels powering Field Day equipment.

Rob (WO4ROB), Andy (AI6AF) and Jeffrey (KJ6BOI) with Richard (N6AA), the ARRL Southwestern Regional Director.

Jeffrey (KJ6BOI) logs contacts.